Division of Financial Institutions

What We Do

Florida has dual oversight of the banking system, meaning that financial institutions are regulated by both state and federal agencies. The Division of Financial Institutions conducts periodic risk-based examinations and ensures that each state-chartered financial institution meets state and federal requirements for safety and soundness. The division is organized into a Bureau of Bank Regulation and a Bureau of Credit Union Regulation.

Bureau of Bank Regulation: conducts examinations and regulates state-chartered commercial banks, and is also responsible for trust companies, trust departments and international bank offices statewide.

Bureau of Credit Union Regulation: conducts examinations and regulates state-chartered credit unions throughout Florida.

Notice Regarding Collection and Use of Social Security Numbers

The following disclosure is made pursuant to Sections 119.071(5)(a)2.a. and b., Florida Statutes:

The Division of Financial Institution’s (DFI) collection of Social Security numbers is not expressly authorized by or mandatory under federal or state law, but it is imperative for the performance of the DFI’s duties and responsibilities as prescribed by Title XXXVIII, Florida Statutes, to facilitate the identification of individuals and ensure the safe and sound management and operations of financial institutions. Social Security numbers collected by the DFI may not be used by the DFI for any purpose other than the purpose provided in this notice. Social Security numbers held by the DFI are confidential and exempt from Section 119.07(1), F.S., and Section 24(a), Article I of the State Constitution.

Statutes and Rules

Chapter 655, Florida Statutes - Financial Institutions Generally
Chapter 657, Florida Statutes - Credit Unions
Chapter 658, Florida Statutes - Banks and Trust Companies
Chapter 660, Florida Statutes - Trust Business
Chapter 662, Florida Statutes - Family Trust Companies
Chapter 663, Florida Statutes - International Banking
Chapter 665, Florida Statutes - Capital Stock Associations
Chapter 667, Florida Statutes - Savings Banks
Chapter 69U-100 through 69U-162, Florida Administrative Code - Florida Financial Institutions Rules

Materials Incorporated by Reference in Rules